Root Canal Treatment

A fog anatómiai felépítése metszetben - Gyökérkezelés

If decay reaches the innermost part of the tooth – the pulp – root canal treatment is necessary. The first step in this is endodontic (as the branch of dentistry dealing with root canal treatment is called) first aid, which serves to relieve the often very painful pressure and relieve the symptoms. During this, we create a passage from the crown to the pulp and remove the nerve from the tooth, rinse with antibacterial agents and seal the pulp. In a subsequent session, the root canal is expanded so that we can also remove any remaining infected tissue from the edge of the canal. Finally, we fill the canal with a filling material to minimize the chance of future inflammation.

 A root canal is the tooth’s last chance to survive before it is removed. It is therefore essential to attend regular dental screenings, during which we can detect the lesion in time, before it reaches the pulp chamber.


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