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Today, we have more options than ever to treat missing teeth! We also make removable and fixed dentures. Whatever we do, it is important to us that a long-lasting, long-term functional and aesthetic result is produced, with which the oral cavity regains its full chewing ability and aesthetics. In order to decide which replacement is the solution to your problem, make an appointment with us!

 Bridge restorations : A lost tooth can be safely replaced in the long term with a bridge. A bridge consists of two or more pillars, which are existing teeth with crowns. A bridge element is placed in place of the gap tooth, which is connected to the pillars. The bridge can be made of metal ceramic or metal-free zirconium, both of which are sufficiently durable, aesthetic and mechanically stable materials.

 Dental implants : Implants are the wonders of our time. The implant is a titanium screw that is implanted in the patient’s bone, an artificial tooth root. It is made of hypoallergenic titanium,  that ossifies after the insertion during the healing period, after which a crown or bridge can be constructed. The advantage over the bridge is that we do not have to prepare or “grind” the adjacent, healthy teeth and provide them with crowns. However, sufficient bone material is needed for the implantation, so a bone graft may be necessary. With several implants, we can make fixed restorations even in a toothless jawbone!

 Removable prostheses : A removable prosthesis is also a viable long-term solution, which distributes chewing force on the oral mucosa We cover the existing teeth as a telescope, clasps, or other fine mechanical stabilisation devices, thereby further stabilizing the prosthesis. Even implants can be used to further fix the prosthesis!

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